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We do take walk-ins if there is enough time between scheduled games.

Call or email to check availability

Escape Room Games start at $88 per team of up to 4 players.

Additional players are $22 each

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After the Seance

4-10 players


You finally got up the nerve to attend a seance.
All was going well, that is until the Medium just froze. She is now in a catatonic state, the doors are locked and you want out! 
The final words she spoke were...

Only available during the month of October!





For the entire month of October, Questledge / Avatar-VR is tricking out for Halloween!  You start with only one hour but may be shorter.... depending on how well you figure out the clues.

Will your team of 4 - 10 players be able to discover the secret and save the building from destruction?  You only have one hour


The Auction House Mystery

4-10 players


Historically, our building has been the center of downtown Nixa since the late 1800s.  Most recently it housed The Crossroad’s Auction House.


During renovations of this building for our business, we uncovered many curious items.  Including creepy dolls, rusting gears, a single

red stiletto, well-worn leather-bound books of curious topics and other various unsettling objects.


The most unsettling find is the sinkhole located under this very room!  No telling how long we have before more things disappear

into the abyss below.

Will your team of 4 - 10 players be able to discover the secret and save the building from destruction?  You only have one that the floor rumbling...

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Energy of the Abyss

part 1 of 2

4-10 players


In a time of forgotten futures, past the town of Kneverwhaz, table your worries and prepare yourself for a story sure to make you shudder!


Long ago...there were deep holes of the abyss that when peered into incorrectly were very obscure. They held an energy that defied the elements. Many have tried to venture in to learn and discover the mysteries of the abyss. Meanwhile, a mysterious Florentine woman known as the Lady La Gioconda believed that the energy could be used for the betterment of humanity.

Well, that might not have worked out so well for her.  Bring your team of 4 - 10 players and see if you can save this Lady from her fate.

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Return from the Abyss

part 2 of 2

4-10 players


If you were able to save Lady La Gioconda from her fate in part 1, you will see that there is yet another perilous task that must be solved.  In fact, your entire group must be rescued at this point.  

Dilemmas, dilemmas, what shall be done?

This game is part 2 of Energy of the Abyss and should not be played until part 1 has been played by at least 1 member of your team.

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