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Education in VR

  • Virtual Reality is an excellent way to help those who have difficulty comprehending information.

  • Students become bored, disengaged, and usually not sure why they are learning about a topic, when there is no hands on experience available to them.


  • It’s essential to teach in a way that ensures that students learn.

  • Why purchase the entire system, when you can bring your child/student to Questledge as an extension of your educational program

Available Course Hours:

T - W - Th

10 am - 3 pm

Each session is given up to 60 minutes to complete. 

One class title per hour session.


Actual course completion times may vary due to each individual players speed, comprehension and reading skills.  We cannot extend time if a student has not completed the session in the allotted time.

Purchase Individually - $15 per class/person

Purchase and reserve only 1 course per person at a time

Purchase Package of 4 Courses - $10 per class/person

Includes 4 scheduled courses.  Use in any order that you like, One course per day.  You will be given a code that you may redeem when booking

Choose any 4 titles below to create your customized learning curriculum

Questledge gold1.PNG
some educational titles fb.png

All purchases are final.  No refunds.  Once a reservation has been created, your payment is due.  Reservations are on a first come, first serve basis.  We cannot hold any time slot without payment, and we cannot reschedule once payment has been made.  

New titles added frequently.  Let us know if you have a particular subject, or title in mind.

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