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Escape Room Games start at $88 per team of up to 4 players.

Additional players are $22 each

Fine Print: If you are using a discount code, keep in mind
  • Only one discount is allowed per game.   
  • Additional players may be added at regular price. 
  • Discount codes may specify only one particular game.

The Auction House Mystery

4-10 players


Historically, our building has been the center of downtown Nixa since the late 1800s.  Most recently it housed The Crossroad’s Auction House.


During renovations of this building for our business, we uncovered many curious items.  Including creepy dolls, rusting gears, a single

red stiletto, well-worn leather-bound books of curious topics and other various unsettling objects.


The most unsettling find is the sinkhole located under this very room!  No telling how long we have before more things disappear

into the abyss below.

Will your team of 4 - 10 players be able to discover the secret and save the building from destruction?  You only have one that the floor rumbling...

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